God Save The Queens Of The Stone Age

André, 16 years old, brazilian. Obsessed with Queens Of The Stone Age, Josh Homme, Doctor Who, Steven Moffat and some other chaotic stuff
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
hey buddy do you have that photo of fans holding that `flag` written `god save the queens of the stone age` at a gig? thanks in advance.
autopilot-nocontrol autopilot-nocontrol Said:


1. Smile all the time.

2. Shine your teeth ‘til meaningless.

3. Sharpen them with lies.

4. Laugh at every joke.

5. Drag your blanket blindly.

6. Fill your heart with smoke.

7. Just smile all the time.

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autopilot-nocontrol autopilot-nocontrol Said:

it’s pure sex


This explains everything…

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